Our Strength

Sia Estates is well known for its reliable, superior and on time delivery of construction and infrastructure development services with proven track record of firm growth, customer satisfaction and innovation. Sia Estates has vast experience in the development of residential, commercial and retail buildings. It always strives for excellence in offering the highest standards of ethical norms, quality professionalism and customer service.

Sia Estates adheres to the standards by maintaining dedicated documentation of all the divisions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Clear Title:

Clear title is the most important aspect in real estate business as, while owning a house, it is very essential to own a house that has a clear title. Clear title is the name used to state that a particular property belongs to the owner without any encumbrances. Sia Estates constructs the building with clear titles and all its construction ventures are 100% clear title properties.

Commencement of the project only after Approval of the statutory bodies:

Sia Estates is effective in Construction Management Programs and executes the projects according to the set norms and regulations. Sia Estates commences its projects only after the proper approval of the statutory bodies.

Maintains Site plan, layout plan and building plan:

Sia Estates follows and maintains a clear site plan, layout plan and building plan for customer information to ensure that the buyer has comprehensive knowledge of the Flat, Plot, Complex, Compound and Set-backs.

Transparency in transactions and documentation:

Sia Estates follows effective and efficient management practices and is very particular in maintaining the transparency in transaction with the customers. In order to preserve the trust among customers, Sia Estates always tries to keep the documentation and the information related to all documents in a very precise manner. The high level of transparency makes each customer feel comfortable in the transaction.

Ethical and professional service:

Sia Estates follows ethical norms and holds the construction ventures for the clear titled lands to avoid any discomfort for the customer in future. Sia Estates provides fully ethical and systemized processes for the benefit of customer.

In detail dimensional information of each room & built-up area:

Sia Estates provides the entire information of each and every room along with dimensions. It includes all the required dimensions for providing a clear idea to the customer on Carpet Area, Plinth Area, Common Area etc.

Timely delivery of projects:

Sia Estates is always on the mark in satisfying the customer needs and ensuring project completion in stipulated time. It has set a bench mark in offering quality construction and Infrastructure Management Services of the highest quality.

Dedicated after sales support:

The customer service does not end with the handing over of the property. With it’s dedicated after sales team Sia Estates guides its customers in maintaining the Complex even after the initial one year maintenance by the Company.

Dedicated Quality Department:

Sia Estates has a dedicated quality department that performs constant internal survey and building site audits. It works closely with all the departments of construction and infrastructural blocks to ensure the proper maintenance of quality standards at each and every stage during the execution of the project.